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Mckay Polymerics Co.Ltd

Mckay Polymerics Co.Ltd has excellent continuous innovation and research and development capabilities, we have a doctoral leadership research and development team, team leader and the background of the Chinese Academy of Sciences partners hold domestic and foreign patents and forward-looking technology. Research and development of related products and domestic and foreign factories have been a long time of cooperation and use, with a high degree of competitiveness, uniqueness and diversity, the future will continue to strive to develop a wealth of innovative plastics and other diversified new materials.

The dream of improve plastic is a small seed by person
The recycle environment of green network is a powerful forest by a group.
Mckay is different from other team, create different value.
Let ‘s create a world with Green& Health forever.
We are Mckay Polymerics

Services: New type of multi-function recycled plastic pellets ,New & Specialized Production Process & Service.